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Who we are

Skin&Roses is a Sicilian cosmetic brand born in 2023. Its founder, Giovanna, driven by her passion for skincare and natural cosmetics, creates her first handmade cosmetic products at home. Her idea comes from recycling rose petals from her garden during the pandemic period. Participate in local handicraft markets and fairs, where she meets many other artisans who share the same vision: to improve the environment that surrounds us and the well-being of people with natural, ethical and sustainable products, through conscious purchasing and consumption. In 2022, Giovanna, driven by the ambition to make her brand's values ​​and mission known, exposes her project to Orazio , director of the hotel where they both worked in the previous 5 years. Orazio, thanks to his managerial skills and hotel consultancy, fascinated by the entrepreneurial idea and the mission of the project, decides to give Giovanna his support, becoming co-founder of Skin&Roses .

Conosci la fondatrice di Skin&Roses

  • Founder / CEO

    Giovanna returned to Sicily in 2019, after a 5-year stay in London. She has worked for various e-commerce companies such as Amazon, thanks to which she has developed her creative and entrepreneurial skills. In Sicily, she put her customer care and service skills into practice at a luxury resort. She is passionate about creative recycling, home decor and skincare. She loves slow living and a minimalist lifestyle.


Skin&Roses has a clear vision regarding the present and future of cosmetics: It is necessary to implement profound changes in our way of living, buying and producing if we do not want to succumb to ourselves and protect and respect nature. Purchasing and manufacturing cosmetic products consciously is anything but a trend of the moment: it means adopting a lifestyle that is balanced in every respect. Making conscious purchases is equivalent to encouraging a new ecological or circular economy, directing the production process towards minimizing the environmental impact, through a simple objective: to reuse raw materials and reduce waste to a minimum.
As a company, in our small way we are committed to producing and packaging ethical, natural and sustainable cosmetics. The high quality of the raw materials from local supply chains gives us the certainty of traceability and cultivation methods, which takes place with total respect for nature.

Each of us can make a difference through small daily actions, buying more selectively and keeping an eye on the ecological and social conditions of product production and buying less often and with more awareness of quality.

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